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Relocation Services

Relocation services are most often associated with companies or corporations that are moving operations from one area to another - often overseas. Many people may not realize that relocation services can also assist individual families. Moving is stressful, time consuming and expensive. Whether it is across the ocean or to another state, a relocation service can make your move a painless one.

Utilize Your Real Estate Agent

If you are selling your existing home before your move, your real estate professional has the contacts and the experience to help with your relocation. Many large brokerage firms have offices nationwide and most real estate agents have industry connections across the country. Your selling agent can introduce you to one of his or her colleagues in your new town. This agent can begin compiling a list of available properties that suit your needs and your budget before you arrive. If you are not ready to buy, they can also assist you with a finding a suitable rental property. Most real estate agents are happy to recommend good restaurants or even give you a quick tour around town.

More Than a Mover

While moving across town is often a DIY affair with friends and family shuttling your belongings back and forth in several trips, a long-distance move requires cohesive planning. A reputable moving company will safely pack your household items and securely wrap your furnishings. Some companies will even unpack for you and install your appliances. Other movers specialize in transporting your pets or large animals to the destination of your choice. If there is a lag time between your arrival and the move-in date for your new residence, many movers also provide secure, local storage to keep your belongings safe until you are ready to move into your new home.

Moving Overseas

If your career carries you to another country, the support of a relocation service is invaluable. When seeking a relocation agency to help with your move, be sure that they provide assistance in the following areas:


The type of housing you choose will depend on your new country of residence. In Europe, for example, many more people live in apartments than in houses. As a result, many of the larger cities suffer from chronic housing shortages. Your relocation service should be putting your name on waiting lists and aggressively seeking housing well in advance of your arrival.


Once you have arrived in your new city, your relocation service will help you learn your way around town, advising you about the locations of hospitals, shopping districts and schools, as well as how to find and use public transportation. They may also assist you in opening bank accounts, sorting out local insurance issues and in finding a language school, if necessary.


One of the most valuable services offered by a relocation specialist is helping you decipher the paperwork needed in your new country, including driver's licenses, visas, and other official documents. Some relocation companies also offer translation services. Be sure to inquire about their availability if you are not fluent in the native language.

Moving can be nerve-wracking. There is so much to remember and do. Taking advantage of a relocation service can smooth your move, eliminating many of the worries and leaving you free to dream of an exciting future in your new country or state.