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Painting Contractors

Adding a new coat of paint brightens up a home's exterior. As a barrier from the elements, paint offers protection to one of your most valuable assets. Painting contractors are industry professionals. They can offer expertise in color selection, techniques and choosing new eco-friendly supplies. Additionally, professional painters can have your property painted in less time than it takes you to gather the brushes and ladders.

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Before the paintbrush hits the wall there is preparation work that should be done. Prep work is the contractor's responsibility. Old chipping paint should be removed and sanded, holes filled and repairs made to areas damaged by furniture bumping walls. Exterior paint jobs may require heavy scraping and sanding.

Primer may seem like an added cost that is unnecessary, but think again. Consult your contractor for advice in this area. Primer provides a barrier between the old surface and the new paint. Bright colors may bleed through surfaces that are not primed. Beware of cheap paint that doesn't cover well. Keep in mind that you get what you pay for. An inexpensive paint may require more coats for adequate coverage than one coat of a more expensive paint.

There is much more to choosing a color for the exterior or interior of your home than picking out a chip and heading to the hardware store. A white house with a matching white picket fence sounds easy, until it is discovered that there are hundreds of shades of white paint to choose from and that each one looks different in the sun than the shade. Professional painting contractors can make choosing a paint color simpler by offering tried and true favorites from other homes in the area.

Painting is a skill that develops over time. Cutting edges without using blue painters tape or spraying a surface without frosting the windows and the surrounding ground are skills that should not be underrated. A crew may invade your yard or family room for a day or two but will leave the space bright and fresh in the end. A professional company may send a supervisor and a crew of painters to the site that can work diligently and get the job done quickly.

New renovation standards recommend greener paints for the environment. Having nothing to do with the color green itself, green paints are those that are made with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a group of substances known to give off harmful vapors that are ozone-depleting. The vapors continue to contaminate the air for years after the paint is dry. Because of paint vapors, the air inside the home is often polluted more than the outside air. Other green alternatives are paints made from plants and minerals. They are non-toxic and pose no risks to people or the environment.

Painting contractors work for you as industry professionals, aiding in color choices, demonstrating techniques, offering specialist painting such as faux finishes, textures and even murals, and selecting painting and clean up supplies for environmental friendliness. Working together with your contractor can ensure a job that you are happy with in the end, using the best quality materials that you can afford.