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Moving Companies

It is all too easy to accumulate a house full of belongings. When it is time to move, organizing, packing and getting the items to the new home can be quite a difficult task. In many instances, hiring a moving company to do some or all of the work is the best option. There are certain things to know when it comes to picking a moving company and the process that is involved.

Doing Research

There are sure to be a number of different local as well as national companies that are able to provide moving services. It is just a matter of finding the one that is reliable and trusted and has the best rate. When comparing different companies, it is important to only look at comparable services. Moving companies will often have different ways of estimating and calculating their pricing structure.

Their Services

Depending on what the homeowners are looking to have done, the moving company can provide a number of different services. This could be a basic pick up and drop off move or it could be a full service move. The basic service is when the homeowner is responsible for having everything appropriately packed and ready to be loaded onto the moving truck. The movers are only responsible for gathering boxes, packing the truck and delivering the items to the new house. A full service move would be one where the movers come into the house and will actually pack up all of the belongings and then move them. This is generally the most convenient method for any homeowner, but can also be quite costly.

Contracts and Schedules

Moving companies will generally base their fee on a number of different factors. This will mostly be based on the weight of the items but other particulars such as distance and time can also affect the price. Make certain to understand all of the specifics with the estimate and any contracts.

Depending on the company and the distance involved in the move, the timeline can greatly vary. For a local move, these will be done in one day or sometimes over the span of two days. The first day is sometimes used to pack everything up and then everything is delivered on the second day. With long distance moving, it will obviously take more time to move the items and sometimes there may be a transfer between shipping companies. A local company may pick up the items at the old house, but then this is all delivered to a warehouse where it will be taken to the new home by a different company. Whatever type of move is being done, it is necessary to have a firm timeline established and then review and confirm this as it gets closer to the date of the move.

Moving Day

For the move where the homeowner is responsible for packing, this should all be completed in advance of the arrival of the moving company. Properly labeling all boxes will help when it is time to unload the vehicle at the new home. Having additional boxes and packing supplies is also wise as there may be additional things that need to be packed or reorganized. If there are any fragile or valuable items, these should be set aside and the moving company needs to be made aware of these items so that they can be treated properly and not receive any damage.

Moving companies will be able to turn a difficult job into one that is bearable and hopefully not too stressful for the homeowner. By doing the proper amount of research, a reputable moving company that matches one's needs, timeline and budget can easily be found.