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Log Cabins

Romantic and rustic, log cabins combine nostalgia for a vanished time with the luxury of modern living. Whether you choose to build from a kit or start at the ground up from scratch, building and owning a log cabin is a richly rewarding experience - in more ways than one.

Affordability and Portability

While log cabins can be - are certainly are - built to palatial proportions, the most popular log homes are smaller, averaging around 2000 square feet; perfect for small families, singles, retirees or young couples just starting out. These dwellings fit comfortably on smaller lots. The cost of land plus cabin can be substantially less than traditional brick-and-mortar homes, and because you choose where to build, they also give you greater freedom to live where you like.

Environmental Impact

Log cabins are usually made from timber that is harvested sustainably, meaning old growth forests are not destroyed to build your home. One of the reasons why our pioneer ancestors chose log cabins is because the thick wooden logs provide natural insulation, keeping interior spaces warm in the winter months and cool in the summer ones. Smaller living spaces also translate to lower heating, cooling and lighting bills, reducing your utility costs and your carbon footprint. Solar panels and other green innovations can be incorporated into log homes, making them even more energy efficient.

Countless Uses

While log cabins have become increasingly popular with environmentalists and devotees of the small homes movement, you don't have to sell your possessions and move to the wilderness to enjoy pride of ownership in a log cabin. Traditionally, log cabins have been used as vacation homes or weekend retreats and they are still built extensively for that purpose. Renting the cabin when not in use can generate income to help cover its cost. If you have a large yard and local zoning laws allow it you can also erect a log cabin on the same lot as your existing home. Log cabins make serene and secluded home offices, guest homes for visitors or "granny flats" for a parent or older child. Get creative! Log cabins can be used as artist's studios, writer's retreats, practice spaces for musicians or private and spacious home gyms.

Degree of Difficulty

Many people like the idea of building, owning and living in a log cabin but wonder if they have the skills needed to make that dream a reality. The truth is that options are available regardless of your construction experience or proficiency. If you have a good head for numbers, are skilled at calculating measurements and understand basic building concepts such as the use of power tools, pouring foundations and framing and hanging windows and doors you probably have the expertise necessary to build a cabin from blueprints. If your skills are less advanced, don't despair. Perfectly serviceable and beautiful log cabins can be built from kits that include the materials and step-by-step instructions. If you're still uncertain, consider that the low initial cost and small size of a basic cabin means that hiring a construction professional to consult or build your cabin may not break your budget.

Log cabins evoke the simplicity of an earlier time. Natural wooden walls gleam in the first sun of spring or the flickering light cast by a wood fire. Log homes combine the allure of the past with modern conveniences. Surrounded by trees in a wilderness setting or the flowers blooming in your garden, building a log cabin is the ultimate DIY adventure.