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Lawn Maintenance

Depending on the climate and the specific property, there are varied situations when it comes to the condition of the lawn and what type of care it requires. Depending on one's preference, lawn maintenance can easily be done by the homeowner or by a professional lawn care company.

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New Lawns

When new homes are built and purchased, the homeowner will also be getting a new lawn. It is important that special care be taken in the first few months to ensure that it gets a decent start and can come in fully. Usually, the area may still contain some small rocks. This will depend on how well the contractor graded the land before laying the seed. Getting these picked up over the first few months is ideal.

In the first few weeks, the amount of traffic on the lawn should be limited as this can easily crush the new grass before it fully takes root. Frequent and light watering will ensure that the grass is getting the needed amount of moisture for proper growth. For a seeded lawn, mowing should not be done for approximately two months. For a sod lawn, this might be ready to be mowed in as little as two weeks. The first mow should be done when the grass is dry and then routine mowing can be done to keep it at the recommended height. This height will vary depending on the climate and the grass type. Lawn clippings add nutrients to the lawn, so these can be left on the ground as long as there are no piles that would impede the sun from reaching the growing grass that is below. Mulching lawnmowers are ideal when it comes to this.

Spring Care

For an already established lawn, the spring is a time to rejuvenate the lawn. The first mow can be done shorter than normal. After the mowing, the lawn should be raked out with a stiff yard rake. Doing this will dethatch the lawn. This is removing all of the dead grass and debris. After that, a good balanced fertilizer can be used to start the season with the right nutrients.

Summer Care

In most locations, summer is when the lawn maintenance needs to include adequate watering. This will make certain that the lawn stays healthy throughout the entire summer and does not have the chance to dry out. Using a lawn sprinkler system is an easy way to ensure the right amount of watering is done. With frequent watering, all local water usage guidelines must be followed. In times of droughts and water restrictions, watering a lawn should not be a high priority.

Weeding and spraying to remove weeds is best done in the summer. This is often an ongoing process for newer lawns but can require a large initial effort for a lawn that is not being treated. Weeds and unwanted grasses can easily spread, so this is sure to be a long term battle.

Fall and Winter Care

As the days get colder, a lawn will begin to go dormant. Many people will do a final fertilization before the end of fall. This gives the lawn nutrients that are helpful to maintain it over the long winter. If the lawn is in an area that is dry over the winter, light watering can be done on a weekly basis. Otherwise, snow cover will protect the lawn until the spring.

Many people put a great deal of time, energy and money into keeping a well maintained lawn. This is a year long process and the right level of lawn maintenance will surely provide a yard that is the envy of the neighborhood.