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Landscape Contractors

Property involves much more than the house that sits on the lot. Families enjoy well-designed back yards with high fences and play structures. Gas Fire pits decorate stone patios and sprinkler heads pop up from sprawling lawns, spraying water from private, underground wells. Today's landscape design involves more than green grass and a white picket fence. Landscape contractors have taken yard work to a whole new level. From installing and maintaining basic lawns, to softscape and hardscape, patios, decks and yard buildings, landscape contractors are well rounded professionals often with advanced academic training in design and botany. With the trend toward eco-friendly living, an expert landscaper can put nature to work for you in cutting down on energy costs and feeding your family.

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Landscape contractors focus on a variety of services that can be helpful to homeowners from a value perspective, keeping property values high, and a personal perspective, creating an enjoyable space that is practical for the family.

The lawn is a basic foundation of softscape, the live horticultural elements of the landscape. Developing a lawn of thick, green grass requires planning and time. From proper soil to adequate drainage and just the right amount of sun, a landscape professional can help make important decisions such as what type of soil is best, where to begin and end the lawn, and what plants will complement the design.

Introducing hardscape, the structural elements of the landscape, calls for professional consultation. Whether a company delivers stone and installs a large patio and structural retaining wall, or you seek their advice and turn the job into a do-it-yourself project, a professional opinion is valuable. Hiring professional landscape contractor to point out situations such as an unstable slope or a drainage problem is essential before the heavy stone is placed.

Although there is something to be said about the smell of burning logs in a fire place, there is something else to be said about pressing a remote button and getting an instant gas flame. Making s'mores has taken on a whole new life with the introduction of lavish outdoor kitchens and the joy of cooking - even marshmallows on a stick - with gas.

Landscape contractors are well versed in laying patios to accommodate stone pizza ovens and log cabin style gazebos, and use sophisticated techniques such as computer-aided design to perfect the final execution of the structures.

Outdoor construction has become a service of landscape contractors as a convenience to consumers. Remodeling yards and exterior spaces doesn't only include lawns and walkways but decks, gazebos and pool houses, popular for creating outdoor spaces that increase the livable square footage of the house.

Going green is the new trend. Recycling programs allow consumers to recycle waste, buy organic clothing, purchase energy efficient appliances and replace windows for a tax credit. Landscape contractors can provide ideas for eco-friendly living outside as well. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System - LEED - is a national effort to provide a basic standard for rating green living. Higher LEED ratings lead to tax benefits and improved property value in comparison to non-LEED Certified properties. Landscape contractors trained in green living can offer expertise in areas such as water efficient landscape, windmills and solar panels, exterior permanent shading devices, decking made from sustainable building supplies and plants that block wind, provide insulation, or grow fruits and vegetables.

Home exteriors and the surrounding land is an integral part of the property package. Professional landscape contractors can increase livable square footage by developing outdoor living spaces and offer green design alternatives in outdoor landscape, putting nature to work without negative effects on the environment.