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Indoor Fountains

Indoor fountains softly splashing in a sunroom, home office or master bedroom fill a home with the sound of peace and serenity. Indoor water features can be free-standing or wall-mounted. Smaller tabletop models are available for those homeowners who are short on space. Fully customized indoor fountains can be integrated into existing homes or incorporated into new construction, becoming unique and eye-catching permanent additions to your living space.

Advantages of Indoor Fountains

A Tranquil Home

The sound of falling water has a soothing effect. Whether it is light summer rain or the sound of a river running near a holiday cabin, the gentle sound of water falling eases stress and aids relaxation. In today's busy world many people find it difficult to unwind after a busy day at work or a long commute. Adding indoor fountains to your home can help make your space a sanctuary. The "white noise" of falling water can block other distractions by tempering sound and supports peaceful sleep, helping you to wake feeling well-rested and refreshed.

A Healthy Environment

Indoor fountains are natural humidifiers, adding moisture to indoor air. This is especially important in dry, desert climates or areas where long, harsh winters mean that much of the available water is confined in snow or ice for several months during the year. An atmosphere with higher water content is easier on lungs, noses and skin, easing scratchy coughs, dryness and winter itch. Running water also contains negatively charged ions, which prevent static build-up and reduce feelings of aggravation and stress.

Choosing an Indoor Fountain

Indoor fountains are available in styles ranging from classic to contemporary. Whether your home is a romantic country retreat or a sleek modern marvel, there is an indoor fountain to enhance and complement your interior design.

The Beauty of the Outdoors, Inside

Many indoor fountains and waterfalls are constructed to mimic the beauty of nature. Fountains crafted from stone such as granite, marble or slate create the illusion of streams running over rocky beds. Metals including copper and bronze summon lakes lit by sunset. Natural materials combine with organic design elements to bring the splendor of the landscape indoors.

Contemporary Choices

If bringing a babbling brook into the living room isn't your idea of décor, there's no need to be concerned. Stainless steel, hammered aluminum, mirrors and glass - clear, frosted, colored or cut in cubes - are just some of the materials used to create indoor fountains with a distinctly modern feel. Many also incorporate soft lighting, adding to the effect conjured by the running water. The variety of waterfalls and features available make it possible to take advantage of all the benefits of an indoor fountain without redecorating an entire room.

Indoor fountains, waterfalls and water features are beautiful and striking design elements. Conversation pieces that also add to domestic peace, they are easy to install and a simple and stunning DIY addition to any home.