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Home Renovation

Home renovation projects can give your home a fresh new look. Projects can range from upgrading to new, energy efficient appliances, changing wall paint colors or remodeling an entire kitchen or bath. Begin with a well thought-out plan identifying the scope of the work, determine a rough budget, and decide whether a contractor will take control or if it will be a DIY job. With prior planning home renovation projects can be smooth sailing, from choosing the correct tools for the job when it starts, to the relaxation and enjoyment of the finished product.

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A small home renovation project can be as simple as changing out the hardware on kitchen cabinets or adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door, or as complex as a second story addition or two-car garage. No matter what the scope of the project, prior planning is paramount. Determine a timeline for the project, whether it will be a Saturday afternoon or span the time of an entire season. Plan a roof replacement for the drier months or convert the fireplace to gas in the spring or summer, before the cold months of fall and winter set in.

Determine a rough budget for each home renovation project, adding a cost for supplies, labor and unexpected surprises along the way. A stalled job due to an oversized budget and an undersized wallet can be frustrating and prolong the length of a job. Arrange for financing before the project is underway. Set money aside for smaller projects or consider borrowing against the equity in your home for larger projects.

Although DIY home renovation projects can be fun and allow the homeowner to be the project manager, designer and construction manager all at once, some projects are better left in the hands of a licensed contractor. Decide if a contractor will take control or if it will be a DIY job, or a little of both. Perhaps you are interested in laying flooring and installing the cabinets in a new kitchen but don't know the first thing about plumbing and wiring for new appliances. Consider doing a portion of the work yourself and sub-contracting, or hiring out, the electrical and plumbing portions of the job to a licensed electrician and plumber.

If the condition of your home is crying out for an upgrade, devise a plan, determine what you can afford to spend and hire the right person for the job - or a portion of it. Improve the enjoyment of your home, your most valuable investment, with a home renovation project done right.