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Home Furnishings

Home furnishings transform a house from four walls and a roof into a warm and welcoming place to live and entertain. Your house may be a showplace filled with priceless antiques, a comfortable sanctuary away from work and worries or the busy command center of a growing family. Choosing furnishings that reflect your personal style and your approach to life will make your house unique, beautiful and most of all - a home.

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If you are an avid decorator who loves to shake things up, rearranging the furniture and adding ornamental touches according to the season or just on a whim, choosing versatile home furnishings is key. Upholstered furniture in neutral colors lends itself well to the addition of colored pillows and throws, transforming a room in seconds. Likewise, wooden or incidental furniture can play many roles. Simple folding bookshelves transfer easily from living room to home office, and a narrow table that usually serves as desk can move behind a divan to display trinkets, floral arrangements or decorations at holiday time. Simple, single-drawer end tables make unique nightstands, and that daybed you use as a couch in your study can become an extra sleeping space for visitors in a guest room or a cozy nook for dreaming children on a screened porch in the summer months.


Your home is an extension of yourself, and choosing home furnishings is an excellent way to express your personality and those of your family. Maybe you prefer glass, chrome and leather or velvet, rosewood and marble. Perhaps you have young children who make overstuffed, stain-resistant home furnishings a necessity. If you have young children you should hang artworks, textiles or decorative mirrors out of the reach of little fingers. Display a few vintage wooden toys, an antique rocking horse or a train set to create a charming public play place. If you have eclectic tastes, there's no need to prefer one design over another. You can group home furnishings by room to display varying styles or consider repurposing pieces by installing a state-of-the-art flat screen TV and home theater system inside an antique wardrobe. Remember it's the small things that give rooms a finished look. A few carefully placed scented candles or an indoor fountain can lend serenity and a homey touch to interior spaces.


While it's not necessary to invest a fortune in home furnishings, choosing a few quality pieces can give you a solid foundation to build on. If you have children or pets and your upholstered furniture gets a lot of wear and tear, considering setting off your couches with ornamental coffee or end tables and don't forget to get the furniture and upholstery cleaned regularly. An attractive breakfront or buffet can draw the eye away from a sturdy and serviceable dining room set. Colorful and beautifully made carpets make even the most basic rooms pop. Once you have your core groupings in place, you can look online for cheap bed sales or scout flea markets for interesting pieces like statuary, art glass or vintage lamps to give the room a decorator touch. If you're handy in the workshop you can save money by building a few things yourself. Handsome handmade furniture is one-of-a-kind, customized to your specific needs and the pieces are sure to become treasured family heirlooms. If you're not handy yourself you can always commission custom cabinets and built-in furniture.

Whether your tastes are classic or contemporary, set in stone or always changing, choosing home furnishings allows you to express yourself while creating beautiful, unique and comfortable living spaces.