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Home Builders

Home builders specialize in new home construction. The scope of services range from a custom builder that builds one home at a time on an individually owned residential lot with details that are specific to the customer, to a developer that builds spec homes and multiple single family or multi-family units on a large parcel of residential or commercial land, with little differentiation from one model to the next. Both custom home builders and spec home builders can produce good quality products. The amount of flexibility in the location, design and finishing touches will determine which is best for your construction project.

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Custom builders customize home designs, layouts and finishes to each individual. For a one-of-a-kind home on a private lot custom home builders may be the answer. Building a custom home is a more involved process than simply buying a new home in a well-developed subdivision. Approvals for the size of the home, required setbacks, allowed building materials and exterior design elements must be considered and carefully explored before a plan can be approved, a price can be quoted and construction can begin.

A volume builder, one who builds tract houses or spec houses in a larger development, may allow the final finishes to be customized on a home but usually has a pre-determined set of building plans that he works from. Builders of this type already have home designs that are pre-approved by the county planning and zoning boards. Set-back restrictions, approved building materials and code requirements for the various structures are well known.

The price of building a new home is typically quoted as a price per square foot. Although a custom home builder's price per square foot is typically higher than that of a spec home builder that is not always the case. Custom homes are individual homes. They allow specific building supplies and finishes that are an exact match with the buyers' wishes. Spec homes are individual in their specific details such as interior paint color, light fixture style and exterior finishes, but are pulled from a small group of options. Supplies can be ordered in bulk and are typically less expensive than custom materials.

Both custom home builders and spec home builders can offer quality workmanship and exceptional value. Discussing expectations and desires with both types of home builders will assure the right decision is made when choosing a new home builder.