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Garden Statues

Reports continue to surface detailing strange sightings that are global in nature. Garden patrons near and far testify that they regularly experience the presence of cherubic beings, mythological creatures and an occasional alien or two as they contemplate the vagaries of life while strolling among the hostas and hydrangeas.

Garden statues have been used for thousands of years to enhance gardens of all types. Stately, leonine sentinels that guard entryways and patron saints whose benign stares bless visitors of all ages are common sights in both formal and informal garden settings.

What would a garden maze be like without a statue tucked away in a corner to assure the weary visitor that they indeed have been this way before? The right garden statue can turn an ordinary garden plot into an inspirational oasis. Even those who possess the proverbial green thumb but are resigned to using potted plants on a patio or balcony can find a way to include garden art in their design.

Outdoor yard art is available in a variety of mediums and styles to complement any landscape design. It can be a welcome relief to discover that not all statuary must have the cemetery-like feel that large, concrete styles can transmit. Gardeners wearied by the typical garden gnome selections may be pleasantly surprised to learn that there are other playful, light-hearted statues to be found at websites such as www.designtuscano.com and www.gardenstatueshop.com.

It is possible to enhance a garden while accomodating any budget since prices can range from less than $100.00 US to more than $1,000.00 US. Costs can vary depending upon the type of material used and the amount of care required to maintain the beauty of each piece. For example, a fountain may need to be drained and cleaned yearly to remove lime build-up and control algae growth.

Natural concrete may not require a lot of care and some gardeners like the colors obtained through the natural aging process. It is important that the buyer obtain care instructions when ordering garden statues to protect these pieces that will necessarily be exposed to the elements. Some statues will retain their beauty longer if clear sealants are applied or they are periodically refinished.

Whether a gardener decides to adhere to tradition or lean more towards the whimsical, the perfect statue awaits. There are numerous replicas of famous sculptures, such as the 'Lion of Florence' or Michelangelo's 'David', available for purchase. What a wonderful way to remember that special trip abroad! The thoughtfully selected garden statue can bring pleasure and inspiration for years to come.