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Furniture Moving

Even if a move is only across town, moving furniture can certainly be an arduous task if not done correctly. How this is done will vary from one move and one home to the next, but there are some common considerations that should always be thought about when it comes to furniture moving.


The planning phase will differ depending on the move, but this always needs to be done. This is where extra help is arranged for moving day or when the moving company is set up. During the planning phase, it might also be wise to see if there are any furniture pieces that do not need to go to the new home. If that is the case, these should be thrown out, donated or sold. Do this early so the excess furniture is out of the house.

Moving Companies

If a company is going to take care of the furniture moving, this can be done in a number of different ways. There are some companies that will pack up and move all of the belongings in the house and there are other options where they require everything is already packed and boxed up and they will simply load and unload the moving truck. If the company is not doing the entire thing, having all of the furniture ready to go is essential. This would include preparation such as removing mirrors off of dressers and taking apart furniture that comes in several pieces.

Regardless of what the company is contracted to do, a careful review of the paperwork will make certain that there is no confusion or any possibility for extra or surprise charges. Many times, these companies will charge by weight, so an initial quote is a rough estimate that could change once all of the furniture is packed up.

Help and Supplies

When moving the furniture, having the correct supplies and enough hands will make things go the smoothest. This is especially true when a house has many flights of stairs, narrow passage ways or when there is a lot of furniture to move.

Moving supplies such as dollies, moving straps, pads and furniture blankets should be purchased or rented in advance of the move. Appropriately sized vehicles also need to be rented for the moving day. It is often best to rent a moving truck as opposed to relying on a friend or family member with a large vehicle. The moving truck will hold more cargo and is easier to load.

When the moving day finally comes, it is sure to be a busy and tiring one. Throughout the day, taking breaks and making sure to get meals is essential. As long as things are well organized and prepared, the day should go smoothly. Furniture moving can be done in a variety of different ways, but does not need to be a daunting thing for the prepared homeowner.