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Cottage Rentals

When vacationing, sometimes you need something that's a little more than a hotel room. Families sometimes need the comfort of something that's a little closer to what they are used to at home, or the group you are traveling with might be larger than a hotel room could accommodate. Either way, a perfect solution when vacationing is a cottage rental.

When you rent a cottage it's kind of like a home away from home. You have the convenience of a full-service kitchen which allows for easy meal-making. After a quick run to the local grocery store, you can prepare meals in the cottage kitchen, negating the need to eat out at every meal, saving you quite a bit of money. Another benefit of a cottage rental is the amount of bedrooms available. In contrast to hotel rooms where everyone is usually sleeping in one room, in a cottage you'll have several bedrooms to spread out in. Everyone having their own sleeping quarters would work well when you are traveling with children or large parties. A nice thing about cottage rental is that there is still the central gathering place of a family room or living room where everyone can spend quality time together.

The types of cottages that are available for rent are as vast as the amount of houses there are to buy. The first thing to determine is if you would like to rent directly from an owner or from a management company. The difference between the two typically is the price. The individual owner will typically charge less than a management company, but that comes with its own cost. When you are dealing with an individual there's only one person to deal with should any problems arise. If you are renting from a management company, you are able to negotiate prices, as well as have several people to contact should any problems surface.

The best way to decide who to rent from is by doing your research. Be sure to research the areas in which you are interested in vacationing, and decide whether you want to stay within the tourist areas or in a more secluded area. Then check the rentals in the area and compare their sizes, features and of course prices.

A cottage rental might involve a little more leg work and planning than staying at a local hotel chain would entail, but the amount of culture, convenience and space you would gain typically makes it all worth it.