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Building Contractors

Traditionally, once an individual has conferred with an architect and has a design in hand, they seek out the services of a building contractor. A building contractor is in charge of the actual construction of a new commercial building or home. The contractor will be in charge of all aspects of the build process. A contractor might specialize in one aspect of construction, but they are usually generalists. A contractor's primary role in the building process is to oversee the entire project rather than focus on one specific area.

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Building contractors must first develop a plan and a timeline for the construction project. This plan will encompass matters such as the amount and type of materials needed, the amount and type of labor needed, and any permits or licenses that might be required.

Following the development of the construction plan, building contractors must act as personnel managers. They must hire, supervise, and possibly fire the required labor. A contractor is also in charge of all payroll requirements. The contractor might hire someone to oversee payroll, but the final responsibility lies with him.

Building contractors are in charge of making sure that all required building materials are acquired as they are needed. If materials are late in arriving to a job site, work will stall and money will be lost. This will involve staying in close contact with a variety of materials suppliers.

Licensing and permits are a requirement for almost all forms of construction. It is the building contractor's responsibility to make sure that all the required documentation is secured as needed. Construction without the proper permits and licenses can result in hefty fines and suspension of construction.

Construction in residential areas and some municipalities comes with a variety of restrictions. In some neighborhoods and municipalities, work can only be performed during specific times of the day. There are also zoning restrictions that must be taken into account.

Staying on budget is very important during the construction process. It is quite easy for small overages to add up over time. Contractors must closely monitor the budget, and address any issues that might arise during the construction phase in regards to cost of materials and labor.

Construction projects rarely go exactly as planned. Despite a contractor's best efforts, sometimes plans must be modified. A quality contractor is able to think on his feet and adapt the plan to fit changing conditions.

Finally, building contractors are in charge of the safety of the job site. They must ensure that all proper safety procedures are being followed. If emergencies do arise, building contractors must address it in a competent and timely manner.

A quality building contractor is a problem solver. He is an efficient, experienced, and decisive leader. He will inspire both respect and confidence in his labor. His attention to detail will allow him to spot potential problems long before they are realized. His prior experience will allow him to resolve any problems that do come about in a quick and speedy manner.

Selecting the right building contractor is possibly the most important hire those wishing to build a new commercial property or home will make. Making the right choice will ensure that the entire project goes smoothly and is completed in a cost-effective and timely manner. If the wrong contractor is selected, the project could run over budget, be poorly constructed, or not be completed at all. Those wishing to hire a building contractor should not hesitate to ask for references and visit completed projects. The best indication of a contractor's ability is found in his past projects. Reputation is everything in the construction industry.

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